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Guided Tour Milan

Milan is an exciting place where new and old are vividly mixed together.
It offers to visitors a number of interesting aspects, trendy locations, gems of historical architecture and a permanent look to the future. We can show you all of this, walking or riding a bike with us.

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Leonardo - beating wing
Leonardo da Vinci 1515
Evening tour
Teatro alla Scala


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Milan, finding the treasures of a charming city by bike

Two years after the successful and captivating Expo 2015, Milan…
Santa Maria dei Miracoli presso San Celso ristrutturata

Santa Maria dei Miracoli and San Celso

Even with rainy weather there is a lot to see in Milan, for instance…

Pinacoteca di Brera admission at 2 euro on Thursday evenings!

The Pinacoteca di Brera offers a much appreciated special opening…


Our stay in Milan has been very nice.  That is partially the result of the tour Guided Tour Milan gave us, which all of us really enjoyed, so many thanks for that again!!  I really enjoyed seeing the things Guided Tour Milan showed us, especially the library, the small church with the bones and the Church with the marvelous frescoes.  Overall, I really enjoyed Milan, a lot of nice people, good food, nice things to see and good partying as well.  I think the rest of our group will agree with me on this. Thank you!

The tour guide was very informed and personable. It really made the difference listening to her description of Leonardo Da Vinci and his projects, and in particular the analysis of the Last Supper. The tour of the Castle was great as well. It was certainly worth the investment.

All four of us really liked the tour guide. She was very professional, knowledgeable and very sweet. We enjoyed our tour with her very much.

Our tour guide was an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable, tailored the experience entirely to our pace and was kind to my older aunt. Gave us great recommendations for later. Nothing like a personal guide instead of the usual 20 people in a group. Would strongly recommend her to everyone.

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