500 Years of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Parade: Da Vinci’s Art & Science

The Leonardo Parade exhibit shows 42 models of machines and mechanisms built by a group of experts in the 1950’s, who based their work on an accurate study of Leonardo’s drawings and sketches.

Leonardo - mechanism

All these machines had a leading role at the opening of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ on 5 February 1953.

Leonardo - macchina volante

In our journey through these fascinating models, we’ll explore the Genius of Leonardo, his art and science skills.

Actually these two foundations are deeply interconnected in Leonardo’s work.  It was a continuous search to get a better understanding of our world and the attempt to improve the life of all mankind.

By viewing these small-scale models we’ll discover mistakes and failures of an extraordinary man, but who was, on the other hand, subject to human limitations, as all of us are!

Leonardo - a war machine
Leonardo - aerial screw

In addition, the Leonardo Parade exhibit includes few dozen of 16th century frescoes, removed by demolished Milanese churches and on consignment from Brera Art Gallery.

Some of these works were made by artists of Leonardo’s school, such as Bernardino Luini, who greatly affected the Renaissance painting in Lombardy.


One hour

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