Enjoy us in this tour exploring up close the modern buildings and skyscrapers marking the new skyline of Milan.

These advanced skyscrapers and cutting-edge architectural solutions are already famous all over the world, and stand alongside the old district buildings.

Walking through pedestrian areas, urban parks and lively piazzas, we’ll get to know where these areas come from.

Piazza Giulio Cesare

Biblioteca degli alberi

Amazingly, they were very large areas left deserted for many years and now are redefining the new skyline.

In a relatively short time span, and consistent with the Milanese nature, these urban areas have been completely revolutionized and returned to the city and its inhabitants.
They have quickly become aggregation and leisure centers highly appreciated by all.

In this mix of tradition and ultra-modern, we will have a more complete view of Milan’s vitality and continuous search for the renewal, a distinctive trait of the city.


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